Orangery Drawing on a Wall


Realizing metropolises in rural areas.

Whether in Berlin or in Hildesheim – creative minds need an environment where they can evolve. We are able to prove that success stories are not bound to major cities and that small regions with up to 300,000 inhabitants have the potential for extraordinary projects as well. 

The orangery delivers an ecosystem that adapts to the needs of our customers. It allows founders to use the infrastructure they need for their start-ups even in rural areas. For this reason, we made it our objective to establish orangery locations all over Germany.

We offer space for inspiration – in our coworking space and in our community. This is a place where unconventional minds connect to develop innovative ideas and grow with their projects. We forge new paths and break up old structures in order to design, transform and create new space for creativity.

The orangery enables founders and established companies to realize visions and discover opportunities. We unify talent and technology to solve problems and achieve meaningful results.

Whether you are looking for a suitable financing partner or support with digital transformation – at the orangery, everyone receives the qualification and support they need.

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