Gymbassador Customer Story

Customer Story: Gymbassador

Gymbassador is on its way to revolutionize the manufacturing of sportswear. Why? Because they always strive to combine innovation and sustainability. When it comes to its career progression, the start-up company also relies on the support of the orangery.

Gymbassador Produktion

It's an open secret that most sportswear is made under disastrous environmental conditions. This also includes a mostly outdated manufacturing process: all cutting and stitching is usually still done by hand.

The solution for this problem doesn't come from major cities that are known for their aspiring start-ups like New York or London, but from Osterode: a small town in the Central Uplands of Germany. This is where Rico Hausmann founded Gymbassador in 2017 to produce his own brand of sportswear. During his master’s degree course in Hannover, he developed his first clothes using a three-dimensional weaving technique. On the one hand, sportswear produced with this procedure is made almost seamless and in one piece, which improves its product quality and comfort. On the other hand, the environmental impact is drastically reduced by producing far less waste than conventional methods.

Gymbassador Produktion

With the introduction of a smaller initial collection, Hausmann enters the market and achieves first successes through sales in Germany and Austria. While still being on his own at this point, the young businessman seeks to take his previous successes to the next level. This is why he starts looking for regional supporters – and with the orangery Hildesheim he finally finds a fitting partner in 2019.

At this point, the orangery itself is still a comparatively small company that invests in innovative start-ups. Hausmann’s idea is quickly met with great approval and the collaboration between Gymbassador and the orangery begins.

Gymbassador Produktion

“Gymbassador solves an absolutely promising and relevant topic. In addition, Rico is a strong company founder. The overall package is just ideal.“ – Dominik Groenen

Gymbassador Produktion

Dominik Groenen is his main contact ever since. As the founder of more than 15 start-ups, including the orangery, he is not only able to help Gymbassador with his own expertise but also to introduce him to the large network of contacts that has developed over 20 years of professional experience. This does pay off as Gymbassador wins NBank Capital Beteiligungsgesellschaft as an Investor. In early 2020 they announced a seed funding that covers a mid-six-figure amount.

“I'm happy to have two strong partners at my side. The investment will primarily be used for team building, new products, and sales.” – Rico Hausmann on the orangery and Nbank

Gymbassador Produktion

In addition to arranging contacts and partially structuring the financing process, the orangery provides Gymbassador with its own office space. As an ecosystem for its partners, the orangery wants to create an infrastructure in which innovative start-ups can be developed. This includes a modern office workplace, support in topics such as personnel, sales, marketing, graphics, and much more.

The saga of gymbassador continues with a freshly released collection – their most extensive one yet. And again, the focus lies on sustainability. The cooperation with the orangery will also continue. Because the cooperation worked so well in the past, both parties can look to the future with optimism:

“At Gymbassador we have now built a team of motivated talents who question things and do even better than some of the “big players” in this business. Every day we continue to work with a lot of passion to expand the company even further. We also wish to offer our customers an expanding variety of refined sportswear with an innovative, sustainable, and fair approach. The collaboration between Gymbassador and the orangery is also working out superbly, so we are looking forward to continue our active support in the future.” - Rico Hausmann

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