Hildesheim von Oben im Sonnenuntergang

Coronavirus in Hildesheim - a chance?

In crisis lies opportunity. A sentence that is frequently used in conjunction with the Coronavirus. It is easy to declare this at least for those whose existence isn't threatened right now. For the self-employed, restaurants and smaller companies the Corona crisis is exactly this: a crisis.

Hildesheim is no exception. The whole town seems lifeless and empty. But how do those whose livelihood depends on their customers deal with this situation? They react and try to make the best out of this crisis. For restaurants, it is no longer possible to carry on as usual. The crisis has far-reaching consequences – especially for restaurants that rely on walk-in customers. They are now forced to change their business to delivery or pick-up services and adjust their opening hours accordingly. Some familiarize themselves with services like Lieferando. The town newspaper keeps a list of restaurants that offer home delivery including their contact information.

It is continuously updated and expanded. Restaurants can contact the newspaper if they want to be added to the list. The restaurant „La Gondola“ has also switched to a full-on delivery service, teaming up with the „Cooks & Wines“Two main dishesand a bottle of wine. Teamwork can be so easy.

„Transgourmet“ , a food and kitchen accessories supplier with one of its headquarters localized in Hildesheim, normally supplies catering services and commercial kitchens. The company relies on the continuing existence of its partners and wants to help them with their rearrangements: For six months new and former customers will be provided with the „gastronovi" ordering system free of charge, including a webinar introduction to the system.

And we will make the best of it. Together.

The food industry in Hildesheim is not the only one who comes up with creative solutions. In times of digitalization, where stores and shopping malls have to compete with online shops, the curfew makes this struggle even harder. That's why the concept store „Lili’s Fashion“ not only introduces an online-shop but also a personal shopping option in the likes of Zalando and Outfittery: after an email, telephone or FaceTime exchange, customers receive boxes with clothing items individually matched to their personal taste. This service also includes free shipping.

Hildesheim makes a great effort in trying to be flexible. According to a HAZ report the sports equipment manufacturer "Helo Sports" now produces plexiglass walls instead of its usual products, serving as sneeze guards for places that have to remain open, such as doctor's offices or grocery stores. An increasing number of restaurants, shops and hairdressers are introducing special coupons that can be redeemed after the Corona crisis.

It’s a difficult time for the economy. But if you look closely, you can indeed see the before mentioned opportunities.Opportunities for solidarity and helpfulness, for those who are better off than others. An opportunity for ideas to grow and thrive because there is no more room for being lazy and traditional. A chance for ideas that would have never seen the light of day under different circumstances and the potential to create new paths. Hildesheim recognizes this opportunity to grow and to not give up in the face of the crisis. And we will make the best of it. Together.

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