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We connect startups, medium-sized companies, large companies, and creative minds to forge new projects.


The orangery cultivates talents and technologies, bringing them both together to develop future-oriented projects. Not only startups benefit from our network – even established companies find support during every phase of the digital transformation: from the analysis of the business model to the specific organizational design. We offer insights into the creative manners of working and innovative methods. Together, we develop a user-centric strategy that provides companies with qualifications and the infrastructure to grow in times of digital transition.


Getting started

On the basis of a precise analysis of the business model, we develop a future-oriented strategy to underline the company's digital potential. To determine the optimal approach, we identify hazardous points to ascertain new development goals. The orangery helps companies master the challenges of digital transformation and discover new opportunities.



For implementing this strategy, the orangery provides agile working methods that enable employees to successfully design the company's digital ecosystem themselves. We help you simplify complex demands by means of streamlined processes and create a digital interface to your clients. By breaking up existing structures, we pave the way for an innovative business model that is able to compete with digital competitors. We introduce our technical expertise to find the best solution for the company in an interdisciplinary exchange.



The orangery is a place where creative minds work together – a unique ecosystem holding high potential for collaboration and innovation. With corporate venturing, we enable companies to invest in startups and thus encourage their own growth. Numerous events and workshops inside the inspiring premises of our coworking space contribute to networking and opening up innovative paths. As an exclusive member of the orangery, companies have access to all the benefits of our program.

Partner Program

Participation models

We offer members investment and participation models for our startups. The partners have exclusive access to projects at different stages of development and from different industries. Of course, we always pay attention to good compatibility between the company and the startup.

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Companies benefit from our extensive network. Business, science, and society: We have contacts with outstanding personalities from various industrial sectors. The orangery actively promotes the exchange between the partners of our different locations.

Disruptive business models

We analyze companies and industries for disruptive business ideas and models. An existing structure being replaced by innovation is what we call a disruptive idea. For this purpose, we evaluate national and international startups in order to examine sustainable products and services in common discourse.

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The Startup Safari is a voyage of discovery through Berlin's startup scene. It offers the opportunity to make contacts and gain inspiration. We visit startups at different stages of development, from forerunners of digitalization to particularly creative minds – we organize a customized safari for every company.

Innovation Sprint

The Innovation Sprint is a format in which we answer questions about strategic innovation and develop an innovation map. Through research, workshops, SWOT analyses, scenario techniques, and business model development, we mutually create new paths for companies. The objective of the sprint could be the development of a completely new business model launching an innovation process or initiating digitalization processes. The orangery also offers assistance in finding funding programs such as ZIM.

Innovation Day

On Innovation Day the orangery offers an innovative platform for a multitude of speakers. In the context of projects, lectures, and workshops, employees get an insight into agile working methods, innovative methods, and current research topics. Young founders of the orangery present their ideas while established companies share their experiences with the digital transformation.


Each member has access to a fully equipped workspace at the orangery coworking space. The premises are available 24/7 for all team members – whether in their own office or for creative exchange in our coffee shop. In addition, companies with an annual membership can arrange twelve events with up to 80 participants in our event space.

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